Temelleri 2010 yılında Av. Şule Alagöz ÇİTİL ve Av. Ali ÇİTİL tarafından atılan Çitil Avukatlık Ortaklığı, kurulduğu günden bu yana ulusal ve uluslararası alanda faaliyet gösteren müvekkillerine Avukatlık ve Danışmanlık hizmeti vermektedir.

Çitil Attorney Partnership has a staff of theorists, practitioners and academicians each of whom are experts in their fields. As working system, legal disputes experienced by its clients, conferred with theoretician and practitioner staff and determined a road map to solve. Partnership aspires to enlighten the clients about this road map, follows the road map to reach the result successfully and pursues to the end with care and precision.

Everyone attending Çitil Attorney Partnership is considered as a long-distance companion and every attorney attending is considered as a candidate attorney according to principle of merit.

The relationship between lawyers is based on mutual respect and trust. Law school students and trainees determine the dynamic, future and goals of the partnership. Although Çitil Attorney Partnership is registered in Istanbul Bar Association, it provides advocacy and counseling in all provinces of Turkey due to solution partnerships.

Çitil Attorney Partnership bearing in mind that independent and freelance qualification of attorneyship profession, provides expert and qualified services.

At the same time, partnership attaches great importance to institutionalize and aims to be law firm provides advocacy and consultancy services in national and international fields.

Çitil Attorney Partnership is registered to İstanbul Bar Association Attorney Partnership with 115 register number and TBB Attorney Partnership with 219 register number. According to 2016 TBB Attorney Partnership register records Çitil Attorney Partnership is the one of 229 attorney partnerships.

Real Estate

Claritas est etiam processus dynamicus, qui sequitur mutationem consuetudium lectorum.

Corporate Law

Çitil Attorney Partnership provides advocacy and consultancy services to small, medium and large national and international companies.

Criminal Law

Çitil Attorney Partnership provides advocacy and consultancy services to its clients during the investigation and prosecution stages with its expert academics and lawyers.

Intellectual Property

The intellectual work of individuals is considered to be an economic asset in the field of the law and it also acknowledges that individuals have moral interests in their work.

Health Law

Çitil Attorney Partnership provides advocacy and consultancy services to its clients about malpractice suits.

Law of Foreigners

Çitil Attorney Partnership provides advocacy and consultancy services to its clients during Turkish citizenship applications and procedure of buying veichle or real estate.


Çitil Attorney Partnership provides advocacy, consultancy and financial consultancy services to its clients and tax-payers.

Law of Domestic Relations

Family which is foundation of society, is an institution regulated and protected by laws, especially the Constitution.

Information Technology Law

Information systems which are advancing rapidly with the developing technology, have brought a need for legal regulation.

Law does not accept what conscience rejects.

– Ali Çitil

– 2010, Establishment

Çitil Attorney Partnership, which was established in 2010 by Attorney Şule Alagöz ÇİTİL and Lawyer Ali ÇİTİL, has been providing Advocacy and Consultancy services to its clients operating nationally and internationally since its establishment.

– 2016, Incorporation

It was registered in the Attorney Partnership registry by the Istanbul Bar Association Board of Directors with the decision no 48/36 on 3/09/2015. According to the Bar Association in 2015 and became one of about 250 records Advocacy Partnership in Turkey.

– 2016, We are in World

Çitil Attorney Partnership continues its activities in Istanbul since its establishment. In the world, we have partner offices in the USA, Germany, England, France, Hungary, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait countries where we work "as a business partnership".