It has become compulsory for Turkish companies and their citizens to participate in globalizing and changing commercial activities. It is very important for Turkish companies to establish companies abroad for advantageous tax structuring and trade facilitating reasons.

Çitil Attorney Partnership took part both draft law of urban transformation and the law no. 6306 from effective date.

Development of information systems and increasing the interests in digital games has created a new market in the world and in our country. Game Law which is a spesific branch of law in response to the needs of this new market, contains many fields such as Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, Law of Obligations and Criminal Law.

Social Media Law; Itis a field of law that has many things in common with criminal law and information technology law covering crimes and penalties committed through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Trademark and Patent Law, Intellectual Property Law and Commercial Law is a comphrensive branch of law. Brands represents prestige for companies. Therefore it needs exclusive protection. The creation and protection of trademarks in the Turkish legal system is provided by the Turkish Patent Institute. Internationally, trademark and patent transactions are carried out by the WIPO, OHIM and the national patent offices of other countries.

Fahion law has emerged as a necessity of the fashio industry which has an economic value and importance in these days postmodern society.

Sports Law is an area of law aimed at finding legal solutions to disputes between athletes, clubs and federations.

In the light of the Turkish Commercial Code and Isurance Law, which is the main legislation of the insurance sector, Çitil Attorney Partnership provides service with our expert academicians and lawyers in order to correct the errors and eliminate the damage.

In our legal system, competititon between companies is ensured by the regulations and prohibitions introduced by the Law no. 4054 on the Protection of Competition. Within this framework, Çitil Attorney Partnership provides legal consultancy services to domestic and foreign companies within the scope of Competititon Law.

Contract Law is a brach of law that regulates contractual relations between the parties. In order to establish a healthy legal relationship between the parties, we serve our clients as Çitil Attorney Partnership with our expert staff in this field.

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