Çitil Avukatlık Ortaklığı

Çitil Attorney Partnership took part both draft law of urban transformation and the law no. 6306 from effective date.

Partnership has contributed to the revision of governing regulation and certain rearrangements agonisedly.

You need to get urban regeneration counseling in the following cases:

  • If the building risk report has been taken untrue
  • If your building has the possibility of strengthening despite the decision to demolish your consent
  • If decisions are taken without providing the majority of 2/3 land share
  • If decisions have been made without notifications to you or other owners
  • If the contractor is selected without a 2/3 majority decision
  • If you are in danger of selling your share against the law
  • If you believe that the value of your building is missing at any stage
  • If you think that urban transformation is not profitable
  • If there is no fair distribution in the new structure, your betterment is not given even if you have betterment or you have received missng m2 compared to other owners
  • Although your position in the new building has become worse than your previous position, there is an improvement in the position of other owners
  • If the shares of the land in your old risky building are not correctly specified in relation to betterment and m2