Türk oyun yazılımcılarının Türkiye ve dünya pazarına açılmaları ile Türk Hukuk sistemi içerisinde Oyun Hukuku gelişmeye başlamıştır.

Development of information systems and increasing the interests in digital games has created a new market in the world and in our country. Game Law which is a spesific branch of law in response to the needs of this new market, contains many fields such as Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, Law of Obligations and Criminal Law.

With the opening of Turkish game software developers to this market, this need has increased in the Turkish legal system and Game Law has started to develop in response to this. Our law firm which provides services of in this field provides advocacy and consultancy services to its clients for the legal protection on their software.

  • Copyrights of game softtware
  • Trademark transactions and brand protection
  • Contract of construction
  • Advertising operations
  • Software contracts
  • Criminal cases on cyber crimes
  • Compensation lawsuits

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