Çitil Avukatlık Ortaklığı

Çitil Attorney Partnership provides advocacy, consultancy and financial consultancy services to its clients and tax-payers.

The services provided in this scope are are as follows:

  • Proper preparation of company trial balances
  • Establishment of company pre-accounting systems
  • Budget planning and tax planning for financial forecasting
  • Solving the problems arising from taxation process
  • Tax settlement
  • Correction requests
  • Tax dispute penalties and cancellation cases
  • Tax loss and smuggling crimes
  • Review reports and commission decisions
  • Making pre-trial administrative applications within the scope of the related tax legislation and monitoring the settlement procedures
  • Disputes concerning income tax,value added tax, corporate tax, motor vehicle tax, real estate tax and all other tax types
  • Declaratation-based taxation, ex officio, additional assessment, taxation made by the administration
  • Wrong or missing income statement, incorrect discounts
  • Preparation of inhetirance and inhetirance tax return and deduction of debts and expenses frominhetirance and inhetirance tax
  • Correction of account errors and taxation errors
  • Action for annulment of tax assessment
  • Action for annulment of tax penalty
  • Appeal to the decisions of the Amandment Commission
  • Objection to tax collection through deduction
  • Objection to payment order sent for tax
  • Objection to the provisional attachment with regard to tax
  • Payment without prejudice
  • Objection to order of attachment
  • Objection against rejection of registration requests