Çitil Avukatlık Ortaklığı

The scope of real estate law is immovable property and legal relations. The expert attorneys of Çitil Attorney Partnership provide legal advice and advocacy support to its clients in real estate management and all kind of disputes.

Some of the services we provide within the scope of Real Estate Law Can be listed as below:

  • Establishment of sales contract for real estates and examination of existing contracts
  • Intermediation in buying and selling of real estate
  • Real estate deed inspection
  • Investigation of the legal status of the real estate
  • Preparation of construction and sales promise agreement fort he floor or filing and following up the lawsuit arising from these agrements
  • Land registration case
  • Lawsuits filed for breach of contact of sale promise
  • Detinue and actio negatoria
  • Suit of partiton
  • Evaluating whether projects are in compliance with envorimental and zoning legislation
  • Necessary procedures for construction permit and licensing
  • Follow-up of expropriation procedures with administrative authorities in expropriation
  • Confiscating without expropriating
  • Mortgage facility and monitoring
  • Establishment of condominium and easement